Wintergreen Couch Grass

Wintergreen Couch is the best performing couch grass in Australia. Our Wintergreen Couch Grass is of the very highest quality and ideal for budget lawns. 

  • This is a fine leaf couch grass.
  • Like all couch lawns the area needs to be in full sun. This lawn can only handle 2 hours shade or it will die off.
  • Rich Bright Green Colour.
  • Fine Textured Leaf Couch.
  • Well wearing for Children and Animals.
  • Found to be fairly tolerable to most diseases.
  • If you live in a frost affected area, the Wintergreen Couch Grass will brown off, but will recover by applying fertiliser and water.
  • Ideal couch for Parks, Sports Fields, Road Verges, Footpaths, Dam Walls, Residential Yards.
Wintergreen Couch Turf Grass Lawn At Night Lawn Block

The best performing couch grass in Australia!

Ideal for budget lawns however if the area has more than 2 hours shade this grass will die off. Overall whole cost of life will be more expensive than a quality Zoysia Grass or Sir Walter Buffalo Grass as it will require more fertiliser, weed control and maintenance.