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Lawn Block is the ‘Instant Lawn Repair’. Premium Quality Turf Grass including Zoysia Grass, Sir Walter Buffalo Grass, Wintergreen Couch Grass and Oz Tuff Sports Grass which comes in perfect size blocks. Easy to lift, carry and install. It is also very easy to buy. Visit your local Nuway Stores and other participating Landscape Stores in SE QLD including Toowoomba and Lismore (NSW) and pick up your Lawn Block today!

Traditional Size

Lawn Repair Turf Grass Traditional Size Piece

Lawn Block Size

Lawn Repair Turf Grass Lawn Block Piece

Lawns can get damaged by many different things such as the beloved family dogs, kids, trampoline, shade, the list goes on. 

Now you can fix your problem lawn areas with NEW Lawn Block the ‘No Sweat Lawn Repair’. Why do we call it ‘No Sweat Lawn Repair’? Well, because it is so easy and quick you won’t even break out a sweat when repairing your lawn with Lawn Block.

We deliver real premium quality farm fresh turf into our re-sellers which are conveniently located all over Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. All you have to do is click on the map to find out which one is closest to you. Click here to see map of all our Lawn Block Re-sellers https://lawnblock.com.au/turf-drive-thru/

Lawn Block is cut into ‘much easier to handle’ size pieces. This means that it is so easy to pick up and carry making it easy to put in the back of your ute, trailer or the boot of your car. It’s so quick we’ve even started calling it a Turf Drive Thru!

So no need to be embarrassed about your dirt patches anymore, fix ’em fast with Lawn Block!