OxStar Lawn Fertiliser and Weed Preventer 8 kg



OxStar Lawn Fertiliser and Weed Preventer 8 kg (covers 200 m2) is a premium quality lawn fertiliser with all the nutrition to kick start your lawn in the right direction from day 1. It’s high phosphorous (P) formulation kick starts your lawns root development while the active ingredient Oxadiazon forms a barrier in your soil to prevent emergence of weeds like Winter Grass, Summer Grass and Creeping Oxalis.

When and how to use it

Apply at 3 kg per 100 m2 to prevent Summer grass and Crowsfoot grass or at 4 kg per 100 m2 to prevent Winter Grass and Creeping Oxalis.

For a granular spreader, use a double application technique.

Safe for use on Buffalo, Common couch, Blue Couch, Kikuyu, Saltwater couch, Zoysia and hybrid couches (not Santa Ana).

Read the label instructions before applying.

Ensure turf area is free of leaves and other debris, mow the area if necessary so that the granules reach the soil surface.

DO NOT over apply, especially under the branch spread of trees and shrubs. Avoid contact with flowers and shrubs.
Water in with 10mm of irrigation.

Avoid applications when temperatures are consistently above 32 degrees.

Do not apply to wet foliage.