Empire Zoysia Grass

Empire Zoysia Grass really is ‘The Dream Lawn’. An Empire Zoysia lawn is a beautiful lush deep dark green colour and has a luxuriously soft leaf.

It is slow growing which means you will only be mowing it a third of the time of some other lawns. Empire Zoysia is semi shade tolerant only requiring 4-5 hours direct sun.

Empire Zoysia Turf Features

Empire Zoysia is also insect resistant in that insects are not very keen on the taste of it. This means that they would rather eat any different types of grass that are in the area instead of the Empire lawn.

Due to Empire being a slow growing grass not only do you have to do far less mowing but it means that it also requires a lot less watering and fertilising. This saves you money!

In addition to Empire Zoysia’s superpowers it is also very salt tolerant.

As you can see the trend has swung towards Empire Zoysia for very good reason and it is becoming more and more popular as it continues to prove itself time and time again with keen lawn enthusiasts.

Empire Zoysia Grass 14

Zoysia as a game changer

This is the coverage by the GCSAA-TV on the Zoysia as a Game Changer Tour as was run in San Antonio on 23rd February . This video highlights Team Zoysia and one of the new golf courses just re-turfed in Zoysia in Texas as well as the tour to Bladerunner Farms in Poteet, Texas.

Empire Zoysia Grass Suppliers Gold Coast to Brisbane

Overall, if you’d rather spend time with your loved ones in your outdoor space and not all weekend mowing, weeding and maintaining the lawn then Empire is the perfect turf choice for you.

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