AgriDark Premium Sports Turf

PURPOSE/USAGESporting fields/stadiums, cricket wickets and households.
ESTABLISHMENTCan be established year round, however will take longer to root down in Winter.
MOWING20mm – 35mm. Suitable for cylinder mowing.
MAINTENANCERequires regular mowing due to rapid growth rate.
WATER REQUIREMENTSLow compared to other sports couches.
COLOURDark green colour all year round.
FERTILISERRequires fertilising 3 – 4 times a year with the change of seasons due to its high
DROUGHT TOLERANCEGood drought tolerance. If left to brown over Winter, it will recover with watering or
a significant rain event.
SALT TOLERANCEMedium salinity tolerance.
WEED RESISTANCEPest and disease resistant.
WEARExcellent, however if signs of wear become apparent, it will repair itself quickly.
SEED HEADLow seed head production.
COLD TOLERANCESuperior colour retention compared to other premium sports couches. Can withstand
light frosts.
HUMIDITY TOLERANCEGood humidity tolerance. Does best in full sun.